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I usually blog about design and technology since they are my specialty, however this week I decided to take another direction. It’s always good to take a step back in life and lend a helping hand. No matter how busy you are, whether you’re drowning in deadlines or vying for the biggest account of your career, you should always make time to help those who are less fortunate. Clicking to donate is a very easy and cheap way to help. All you need are a computer, internet access, and a bit of your generous time. This is something you can do on a daily basis like first thing in the morning, or during those breaks throughout the day that you might otherwise be using to check your Facebook page! Your clicks provide food for the hungry, shelter for the abandoned and abused, conservation for the environment, aide for animal cruelty, money for the poverty stricken, medicine and vaccination for those with very little access, and education for children as well as adults. Proceeds come from site sponsors and partners. Help fight for a better world right from your desk.

Below are a few websites where you can click to donate. You can find many other sites like these online by simply doing a Google search for “click to donate.”

Test your mind for a good cause. This site tests your vernacular and many other subjects from art to math. Ten grains of rice are donated through the World Food Program for every question you answer correctly. How cool is that – a test of the mind and heart? UX Design Note: This is a really neat way of using game play to motivate.

This site provides aide for hunger, breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest preservation, and animal rescue. It’s a neat place to donate to all the charities you feel passionate about. UX Design Note: Interesting use of tabs to keep all topics visible.

Care2 is a website about sustainable living. It contains a click to donate section. This section provides an umbrella of websites for various causes to make it convenient for you to ascertain the cause that you want to contribute to, rather than having to search for it.

There is also a click to donate page for Haiti. It’s been a few months since the Haiti disaster, but please continue to donate because they are still in need of aide. Also, when you click, you can choose to keep track of your impact by logging in. The Non Profits and One Click at a Time are sites that provide similar services. UX Design Note: Instead of using the typical CAPTCHA security feature you might see on other sites, they use a clever animal based security check. Give it a try when you register.

TwitCause is a tweet to donate or tweet for a cause website, which is similar to click to donate in that it’s simple and won’t cost you anything but your time. You will need a twitter account to tweet the cause.

Everyday Philanthropy

Some other great Click to Donate sites can be found in a handy book called How to be an Everyday Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles. See Chapter 3 for some great ideas.  As I write this blog entry, I am clicking away at these websites. Click, click, click….join me!