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A few weeks ago I went to a great user experience conference held at the San Diego Zoo (perfect spot BTW) called UX Speakeasy. I got to watch a variety of user experience experts discuss everything from user experience design to user testing. The ultimate goal of this conference, aside from the obvious – getting us out of our PJ’s on a Saturday to shake hands and put a face to a @name and meet others we normally wouldn’t get to meet in our daily routine, was to help us collaboratively improve the user experience through the sharing of knowledge and concern for a better society. Below are some terrific slides from the speakers I found online. Enjoy! If you find anymore, please add it to the comments below and I’ll update this blog.

The Mobile Frontier

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Why We Share

View more presentations from Angel Anderson

This was not in Slideshare but David Horn was kind enough to share his slides with me – Techniques for Measuring Social Networks in the UX.