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Projects we’ve worked on help people save energy, publish the next great literary work, and even build the next big bridge in town. How lucky are we?


At our core, we’re curious cats. We love design, we love technology, and crave new experiences.

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I went to So Cal UX Camp this weekend and had an awesome time.  I sat in on some really great lectures and met some super cool people, including some I hadn’t seen in awhile in the user experience community.  All in all it was an inspiring event with a lot of extraordinary talent. Here […]

This past weekend, I had the most amazing time working alongside some seriously talented folks up at Facebook HQ for Photo Hack Day 4. In just 24 hours, over 60 hacks were cooked up from scratch, all on the quest for some killer prizes. Hackers and designers were tasked with coming up with the best […]


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