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I went to So Cal UX Camp this weekend and had an awesome time.  I sat in on some really great lectures and met some super cool people, including some I hadn’t seen in awhile in the user experience community.  All in all it was an inspiring event with a lot of extraordinary talent.

Here are some slides from the event.  They are also posted in the #socaluxcamp website. There are a couple more that have not made their way into Slideshare yet, so I’ll continue to update this blog post as they come in.




This was the most fun for me, because it was so interactive. According to @thinknow, you are not a designer if you don’t sketch. I dig this gal =)

My friend @usabilitycounts did a terrific job giving invaluable tips on how to land that “prince.” Want a great job in user experience? Learn from this guy.



Mobile Web Design: Making sense of the Solutions by Wendy Eichenbaum, Principal at Ucentric Design
Enchantment! by Sean Tyne, author of The Customer Experience Revolution – no slides
How do you enchant people? You enchant via a virtuous cycle methodology, rather than a vicious cycle, that allows you to enchant through this process: listen, define, promise, deliver, reinforcement. Follow this cycle to stand out from your competitors. Let your customers tell you what they want. Enroll in the vision, forget communicating your vision. This is a two way conversation.
virtuous cycle - customer engagement