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Windows Phone 7 and the apps that go with it are blowing up. The mobile apps recently grew to over 10,000, which relatively speaking has grown faster than Microsoft’s rivals – iPhone and Android. With more heads turning toward the Windows Phone 7, I felt it was time for some app recommendations. Below are my personal recommendations for the top free Windows Phone 7 apps for small businesses.

winmilk - windows phone 7 task manager
Winmilk Task Manager is a simple to use task manager and to-do list. The neat thing about this mobile app is that it syncs with your Remember the Milk account. You don’t have to be online to see your tasks. You can tag your tasks and there’s also a search option to find things quicker.

superyellowpadlite - windows phone 7 to do list
SuperYellowPadLite is also a great to-do list tool for those who do not have a Remember the Milk account. The nice thing about this free mobile app is that you can incorporate audio to your notes so you don’t have to jot down too much. Also, you can send your text notes to your SMS or email.

wordpress - windows phone 7 cms
WordPress is a content management system for blogging. It’s now available on the Windows Phone 7 offering key features such as add a post, moderate comments, add a page, and see your stats. It’s a great, convenient tool for managing your blog and on-the-go spurts of inspiration.

govoice - windows phone 7 voicemail
GoVoice is a third party app for Google Voice. Simply sign up for Google Voice and you’ll be able to use the GoVoice app to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages, make cheap long distance calls, and receive transcribed voice messages. I especially like the transcribed feature even though it’s not 100% accurate. Keep in mind your carrier minutes do apply.

HomePipe homepipe - windows phone 7 file sharing allows you to access your files on your computer from your mobile phone. You can access your work documents, personal photos, and even music. The nice thing about this mobile app is that you’re not limited on storage space. This is a great free Windows Phone 7 app to have especially when you’re traveling and lugging around your laptop would not be the optimal way to spend your vacation.

how much does this meeting cost - windows phone 7 productivity app
How Much Does this Meeting Cost? does just that. It gives you an estimate of how much a meeting cost based on the number of attendees and the average salary. Not the most accurate I know, but it’s an estimate. Ever sit in a meeting for an unnecessarily long amount of time and wonder how much more productive you could be if you didn’t have to be there? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as this free mobile app can show you how much money/productivity has been lost due to the superfluous length of the meeting. Don’t get me wrong. Meetings are necessary, but I think in order for it to be productive it needs to be brief.

handyscan - windows phone 7 scanner
Handyscan allows you to scan anything from contracts to receipts. The neat thing about this app that differentiates it from your regular mobile camera is that documents actually come up clear. Here are some other neat things your camera can’t do that the Handyscan free mobile app can do taken straight from the Windows Phone App List site.

  • Scan any type of physical document
  • Automatic optimization of scanned images
  • Zoom in/zoom out capable
  • Align and crop scanned document
  • Add text to document. You can fill forms if you got no pen!
  • Scan multiple pages per document and save as a single file
  • Create collage pages with scanned images
  • Import images from phone
  • Scan signatures
  • Electronically sign documents with your scanned signatures